Dr. Rachel B. Wellner

Dr. Rachel Wellner - Experienced Breast Surgery Specialist

Dr. Wellner is dedicated to combining compassionate, high quality care with cutting-edge techniques. She offers comprehensive breast health care, treating both benign and malignant conditions, all with humanity and an unparalleled attention to detail. Her aims of treatment include rendering her patients disease-free, restoring and enhancing physical form, and promoting a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

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Services Offered

  • State-of-the art cancer treatment

    State-of-the art cancer treatment, including standard and oncoplastic lumpectomy, skin- and nipple-sparing mastectomies, and traditional mastectomies

  • Treatment of a variety of benign breast conditions

    Treatment of a variety of benign breast conditions, such as the management of fibroadenomas, papillomas, radial scars, nipple discharge, mastitis, and atypia, to name a few

  • Treatment of breast conditions in men

    Treatment of breast conditions in men, including male breast cancer and gynecomastia

  • Lymphedema Evaluation

    Lymphedema evaluation and, in select cases, surgical correction of lymphedema working alongside her team of specialized microsurgeons.

  • Placement of indwelling ports for chemotherapy

    Placement of indwelling ports for chemotherapy, such as genetic testing and high-risk surveillance, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and standard axillary lymph node dissection

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Dr. Rachel Wellner held my hand and walked me through the tumultuous road of breast cancer. There were also times when she carried me. Last year, when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, it was Dr. Wellner who gave me my first hug and said “you can do this.” Having a doctor immediately take me under her wings (yes, she’s an angel!) was the comfort I needed during those dark days. Throughout my entire ordeal of enduring a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, and later chemotherapy, I could always rely on Dr. Wellner for support and advice. She is truly a 24-hour, on-call doctor, with that unique and special heart that answers the phone.Amy Bodden Bowllan (Wife, Mother, Educator, Blogger, Runner, Breast Cancer Survivor)