April 13, 2020

Multiple Mastectomies Versus Lumpectomies

Although somewhat less rare than having one breast cancer, sometimes more than once breast cancer can occur at the same time, either in the same breast or the opposite breast. For this discussion, we will focus on cancers that occur simultaneously in the same breast. The typical treatment for multiple breast cancers is mastectomy. However, is it possible and/or safe to consider having a patient undergo multiple lumpectomies?


While multiple lumpectomies offer shorter OR time and theoretically offer better cosmetic benefits in some patients, larger trials are still needed. Although the data are still limited, the outcomes either mastectomy or multiple lumpectomies may be equivalent.


However, some of the problem to look out for:

1) Inferior cosmetic outcomes
2) How to deliver radiation following multiple lumpectomies


For more information: See Kari M. Rosenkranz MD, Karla Ballman PhD, Et. Al.